View of Gamla Stan, old town of Stockholm, Sweden.

View of Gamla Stan, old town of Stockholm, Sweden.
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Best restaurants and bars in Stockholm

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You will not be short of excellent gastro experiences in Sweden´s culinary capital. Here are the best to hit up when in Stockholm.

If you haven’t heard, “Best Restaurant in the world” Noma is closing and will shut its doors in 2024. The good news is that Noma is not the only top-rated restaurant in Scandinavia, and with many proteges who grit their teeth under Chef Rene Redzepi’s guidance or at least were encouraged by his achievements, there are some excellent restaurants run by young chefs in the Nordics – particularly in Stockholm, Sweden.

In Stockholm, Sweden’s culinary capital, you will not be short of excellent gastro experiences. From excellent hideaways serving sustainable cuisine to top-notch and well-balanced cocktails in bars frequented by locals, the capital of Sweden guarantees a pleasing adventure for self-professed gastronomes. Here are the best to hit up when in Stockholm: Skal!


Frantzén is often referred to as the “Noma” of Sweden by Swedes and is where Chef Bjorn Frantzén made a name for himself. Although the 3-Michelin starred chef has opened other outposts, nothing beats the original.

With 23 seats, intimate dining experiences spread out over 3 floors, Frantzen plays off a very Asian theme with the exterior of the building reminding you of a traditional Japanese Ryokan. The menu is however a little Nordic with both classic and modern techniques riffing off Asian and Nordic concepts. Making a reservation is tough but not impossible – on the first of each month at 10am, gourmets are asked to jump online and try their luck at snagging a table for lunch or dinner which comes in at 4,800SEK including drinks.

  • Frantzen
  • Klara Norra kyrkogata 26, 111 22 Stockholm


This is where you go for excellent food without the white-cloth fine-dining-stuffiness you experience in most Michelin-starred restaurants. When Chef Niklas Ekstedt first opened this restaurant, he had two things in mind: go back to basics and remove the stuffy-Michelin-starred-experience without sacrificing on taste or quality. Today, Florencia Abella is head chef of Ekstedt. All the dishes are prepared unadulterated over an open fire and the experience is hot, just like the flames that produce the tender roasted quail and charred veggies served to guests who find themselves seated at this popular eatery in Stockholm.

  • Ekstedt
  • Humlegårdsgatan 17 114 46 Stockholm


Venture out of the city and into the suburbs for one of the hottest restaurants in Stockholm. Chefs Niclas Jönsson and Daniel Höglandergrit grit their teeth in Michelin-star restaurants and serve up the same experience but in a casual atmosphere here in their restaurant, Aloë. At Aloë, it is all about romanticism and “awakening” your senses with punchy, yet subtle flavours from Asia and the Nordics - there are no rules here when it comes to what you experience on the menu but like Frantzen, you need to reserve online and at the beginning of the month.


Chefs Adam Dahlberg and Albin Wessman are two chefs having fun in their 1-Michelin star restaurant which many say is under-rated and worthy of another star. You be the judge. The restaurant is casual and friendly but the food is worthy of a detour if you are in the city and looking to visit a restaurant that offers an affordable 5-course degustation focused on sustainability with a good wine pairing to match. Expect lots of foraged and native Nordic ingredients in true Noma style without the price tag.


Not a vegetarian restaurant per se but veggies are definitely the highlight at this vanguard restaurant led by Chef Petter Nilsson where the beautiful bounty of excellent Swedish produce are under the spotlight under the careful attention of a very capable chef. The experience is holistic as the chef wants you to experience a “sensory” experience. Everything here is Swedish – the design of the restaurant, furnishings and of course the produce with fermented berries, chestnuts and earthy vegetables delicious even for carnivores.


Djuret is one of my favourite restaurants in Stockholm and it is not for the fainthearted.

Chef and restaurateur Daniel Crespi owns multiple restaurants and bars in Stockholm and offers a very cool “Walking Tour'' for guests who want to try them all. If you must choose just one, Djuret is a great choice because it is heart-stoppingly good. Don’t expect weak and modest flavours here like at other restaurants jumping on the New Nordic train - there is lot of butter, lots of indulgence in every bite and yes, there is lots of booze with an excellent wine cellar in the Djuret restaurant.

  • Djuret
  • Lilla Nygatan 5, 111 28 Stockholm


You have one of the prettiest harbours to look out on in the Djurgarden at Aira but it is hard not to take your eyes off the plates served to you by young chef, TommyMyllymäki. It is all about the Swedish waters and hard working farmers who are highlighted here at Aira. The open kitchen is fun and exciting but let’s be honest, it is all about the food which moves with the seasons. A global menu with local ingredients can be found here for example, poached langoustine with hibiscus and mediterranean flavours, or how about vegetarian dishes with a touch of Japanese plum and koji. Very nice.

  • AIRA
  • Biskopsvägen 9, 115 21 stockholm


The quintessential Swedish experience in a distinguished and refined dining room is where most people go for a special occasion and at Operakallaren, you will feel like royalty. Look out at the Royal Palace and enjoy traditional Swedish classics from yesteryear in a beautiful setting. You have to do it at least once in your lifetime.

Roda Huset

Take a trip to the wild side and visit Bar Roda Huset. Loosely translated as “The Red House”, the bar is spread out over three floors and it is where bartender Hampus Thunholm takes you on a journey exploring native Swedish ingredients in the form of a cocktail… a very good cocktail. Why not go for a firm favourite: Carrot, which includes akvavit and sour carrots or maybe experience the cold icy mountains of Sweden with the signature drink, Frozen Herbs, which has gin, tonic and a deep freeze you actually want to cosy up to.

A Bar Called Gemma

Laid-back neighbourhood bar for Stockholm residents to chill is where you will find A Bar Called Gemma. Set in an old cafe, the zero-waste concept doesn’t mean that old-tasting cocktails are served – absolutely not. There is a lot of gin on the menu and you really must get the signature Gemma drink which is heavy on gin, 24-hour macerated pistachio saké, ginger and apple cider-vinegar preserved grapefruit and lime. Cheers!

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