UK to Ban Restaurants & Pubs from Keeping Staff Tips






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Two million workers to benefit

The new law, which is expected to benefit about two million hospitality workers, follows a series of revelations that companies were taking money from card payments intended for waiters and kitchen staff. Local media said the practice reportedly took place at chains like Pizza Express, Giraffe, Côte Brasserie and Bill's. The BBC quoted British labour markets minister Paul Scully as saying that the changes would "ensure tips will go to those who worked for it". 

Delayed law

However the law, which is expected to come into force this year, comes five years after the government promised to take action to protect restaurant workers’ tips and service charges. Worries about tipping practices came to light in 2015 when the Observer newspaper revealed that Pizza Express was taking 8 pence of every £1 paid when tips were made by debit or credit card. At present, businesses in the UK who receive tips by card can choose whether to pass it on to workers. Cash tips, however, are legally staff property.