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Falstaff Wineguide Austria 2022/23

Falstaff Wineguide Austria 2022/23

Red wine is the passion of René and Eva Pöckl. Their goal is to constantly improve the quality and produce the best possible wine. In the vineyard they work very closely with nature, the soils have a permanent cover crop and the double guyot training system generates small, concentrated berries. These form the perfect basis for the unique, long-lived Pöckl wines.

The history of the Pöckl winery began in 1910, when Albert Pöckl returned to Austria from the USA and laid the foundation for the farm. Over the years, the Pöckl family specialised first in viticulture in general and then in red wine in particular. The area in and around Mönchhof offers the ideal climate for growing Zweigelt and St. Laurent, as well as international varieties such as Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah.

Josef sadly died much too early and his wife and son René Pöckl ran it until René finally took over the helm this year. Two quotes from father and son sum up the philosophy of the winery, "A vintner who does not know his soil, his vines and his climate conditions extremely well can never make a great wine." And, "What you fail to work out in the vineyard, you can't make up for in the cellar." Consumers can taste this, too, because Pöckl wines show the regional typicality, the climate, the location as well as the care of their vineyard work and beautiful vinification.

René Pöckl found the limelight with his "Rêve de Jeunesse" when he was just a young man, and he has continued to perform successfully at the Falstaff red wine awards many times since. Along with the multiple award-winning "Admiral", it represents one of the winery's top wines. Their Pinot Noir, which repeatedly reaches a podium position at the Falstaff awards is also much sought after. It is vinified in small quantities and is one of the Pöckls' darlings due to its viticultural challenges. Furthermore, the winery surprises again and again with new wine concepts. Their most famous niche wine is "Mystique", which is up there with the greats of the wine world. "Mystique" is actually a research wine with which the winery explores the possibilities in the vineyard and in vinification. The insights gained are then incorporated into the production of their entire range. This is one of the reasons why the ageing potential of the best wines from the house of Pöckl can hardly be surpassed and why, with some bottle maturity, they stand for the highest drinking pleasure.

Pöckl also provides daily drinking pleasure with the "Solo Rosso", the Zweigelt Classique or - for more sophisticated tastes - with the cuvée "Rosso e Nero". In favourable years, excellent Prädikat wines are also made. Due to the continuous outstanding performance over many years, their constant quest for new wine styles and their willingness to trial and embrace different vineyard and vinification techniques, the winery is the proud bearer of five stars and thus part of the vintner elite.

In their own words

The world is in a state of permanent change. Trends fade as quickly as they emerge and this shows what is important: consistency.
Mindful of this, Pöckl Winery pursues its own philosophy, letting short-lived fads pass by and relying instead on the successful strategy of the tried and tested. Pöckl wines are unique, as unmistakable as their label. The strategy has proved to be the right one for the family business, as numerous awards demonstrate.

Winemaking by now is in the Pöckl family’s DNA – the beginnings of the winery go back to 1910. René Pöckl and his wife Eva are the fourth generation to run the winery, which has grown to 40 hectares over the years.
Red wine is their passion; the goal is honing quality with every new vintage. They eschew quantity in order to achieve this which is why production of their exceptional red wines often is severely limited. A large part of the vineyard is densely planted in a double-vine system to channel the soil’s vigour. This together with the use of cover crops spurs the vines on to drive their roots deep into the ground. Together with the countless hours of sunshine in Burgenland, small, healthy grape berries grow in this way, resulting in a low yield that delivers an intense tasting experience.

The Zweigelt, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah varieties in particular thrive splendidly on the winery's iron-rich, sandy soils. The wines are made traditionally and gently. There are no cultured yeasts, no enzymes, there is as little intervention as possible. They form the perfect basis for densely structured, elegant and age-worthy wines with fine tannins. Whichever wine you go for, you can be sure that you get something intensely aromatic and authentic.

In recent years, the winery's cellar has been expanded in order to increase the quality even further. Staying true to the style, but finetuning everything – that is the Pöckl family's resolution for a sustainable future.
By the way, Pöckl wines can be ordered conveniently via the internet at poeckl.at.


  • Contact Person: Eva Pöckl
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  • Winemaker: René Pöckl
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  • Cultivation Area in Hectares: 42
  • Production Style: Conventional
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