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Each week, Falstaff highlights a restaurant somewhere on this globe, reviewed by one of our professional eaters.

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SHIKI Japanese Fine Dining
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Nestlé and Starbucks Extend Coffee Partnership to New Markets

The two coffee giants extend their building on a three-year partnership, bringing the ready-to-drink (RTD) coffee brand to Southeast Asia, Oceania and Latin America.

The Magic of Making Cheese

Our resident cheese expert muses on the magical transformation from milk to cheese.

Top 5: The Best Raspberry Recipes

Raspberries are not just for sweet recipes - they also bring a fruity and summery twist to savoury dishes.

The Seven Best Vegetables to Grow from Kitchen Scraps

Fancy growing your own windowsill vegetable garden, reduce waste and save money at the same time? All you need is a few kitchen leftovers and some patience.

How to Buy, Serve, Store and Taste Cheese

Our resident cheese expert has a primer on choosing, buying, storing, cutting, presenting and tasting cheese.

Authentic Neapolitan Pizzas from Italy Shipped Free to American Homes

Premium pizzas made in Naples are being flash-frozen and shipped to American homes.

Shellfish: Sea Delight

Shellfish are nature’s bounty: they allow us to bring the sea home.

Haugen: Alpine-themed Restaurant to Open in London's Olympic Park

The UK-based restaurant group D&D London is to open an Alpine-themed restaurant in Stratford, East London, in September 2021.

Dior to Open Paris Restaurant

Dior have announced they will open restaurant at their historic Paris headquarters.

New Documentary about Chef Anthony Bourdain to Air in July

Roadrunner is a new documentary about the charismatic chef and TV presenter Anthony Bourdain.

Rome Debuts Pizza Vending Machine

We all know vending machines for drinks and sweets, but Rome has now topped this with a pizza vending machine located in a booth on Via Catania.

The Seven Best Edible Flowers

Edible flowers add an immediate touch of colour and liveliness to any dish. They don’t just look pretty, they are delicious, too.

The Seven Best Wild Herbs to Forage

Get out there for your hit of seasonal vitamins and nutrients. You may have thought of these plants as weeds when they are anything but.

Al Fresco Eating: The Best Picnic Blankets

Have you packed everything for your picnic? Make sure you don’t forget something to sit on: Falstaff has found the best and most beautiful picnic blankets for you.

Perfect Protection: The Best Parasols for Sunny Days

Parasols conjure up warm sunshine and a holiday mood. Falstaff shows you the most beautiful and best parasols of the season.

Keeping your Cool: The Best Cooler Bags for Summer

Cool bags are a summer essential. Falstaff has rounded up the most stylish and best cool bags for the summer.

The Five Best Goat’s Cheeses in the World

Goat’s cheeses are made around the world and we love how versatile they are: use them in both sweet and savoury dishes.

The Five Best Heritage Tomatoes

Why only ever stick to the same, boring standard supermarket tomato? There is so much more flavour out there.

The Five Best Cured Hams in the World

The best cured ham is sweet and tender and, when thinly sliced, elevates a breadstick, a chunk of melon or a fresh fig to a feast.


Poulet au Citron

The acidity of the lemon and the sweetness of the garlic make this very special French chicken dish sing.

Strawberry and Rhubarb Semifreddo

Ice cream, cake, dessert – a semifreddo is all of these things. Here is our seasonal strawberry and rhubarb recipe.

Mediterranean Focaccia Bread with Grana Padano and San Daniele

This is what Italy tastes like: a summery recipe by chef Andrea Mantovani.

Beef Rendang

This recipe from West Sumatra is quite rightly considered exemplary of the strong yet subtle and balanced seasoning of Indonesia's cuisine.

Venison Satay Skewers with Peanut Sauce

We elevate venison with a refined marinade and serve it with a delicious peanut dip.

Pizza Dough - Roman

Recipe for a slightly thinner, crispy pizza - enough for eight medium-sized pizzas.

Tuscan Classic: Panzanella with Red Peppers and Celery

An Italian bread salad with plenty of vegetables, basil and olive oil by Julian Kutos.

Venetian Classic: Sgroppino

Ah well, we are cheating a little by listing this as a dessert - because it also is a killer cocktail. Transport yourself to the Venetian lagoon with this recipe!

French Classic: Soupe au Pistou

For this dish to live up to its legendary deliciousness, the vegetables must be super fresh.

Raspberry and Mascarpone Parfait

Creamy. Fruity. Simply delicious. With this dessert you will delight and impress your guests.

Wild Boar Sauce for Pasta: Ragu di Cinghiale

Our dish here is a classic, simple ragout as cooked in Campania, in the south of Italy: a thick, hearty stew with meat and tomatoes.

Pasta: Penne alla Vodka

Julian Kutos presents a pasta dish from the province of Marche near San Marino.

Rotolini di Zucchine

Grilled, rolled and stuffed: these courgettes with cream cheese filling are an ideal vegetarian summer dish.

Black Truffle Soup 'VGE'

Paul Bocuse revealed the recipe for his legendary dish for the Falstaff Witzigmann Special

Pumpkin Risotto with Speck and Mushrooms

The autumn risotto variant is given a fruity accent with pomegranate seeds

Chicken Stuffed with Chestnut and Salsiccia

Sometimes the stuffing is the best part of the roast chicken. As the bird cooks, it soaks up all the delicious aromas. Chestnuts make the stuffing extra velvety.

Meat Sauce for Pasta: Ragu di Carne

The classic meat sauce for Piedmontese Tajarín made from a mixture of minced veal (beef) and pork. Equally good with rabbit, lamb or Italian sausage.

Avocado a la Plancha

This recipe turns avocados into a barbecue spectacle.

Pasta with Clams and Mussels

Zubereitungszeit 00:30

The delicious juice that clams and mussels release as they cook is as good as their meat. In order not to waste a drop, we boil it down to make a creamy sauce for pasta


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