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Mixing Cocktails at Home: All You Need for the Perfect Home Bar

With the right ingredients and some basic equipment, a whole world of cocktail possibilities opens up. We reveal all the basics you need to set up...


The Seven Best Edible Flowers

Edible flowers add an immediate touch of colour and liveliness to any dish. They don’t just look pretty, they are delicious, too.


The Seven Best Wild Herbs to Forage

Get out there for your hit of seasonal vitamins and nutrients. You may have thought of these plants as weeds when they are anything but.

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Al Fresco Eating: The Best Picnic Blankets

Have you packed everything for your picnic? Make sure you don’t forget something to sit on: Falstaff has found the best and most beautiful picnic...

More Food & Beautiful Things

Perfect Protection: The Best Parasols for Sunny Days

Parasols conjure up warm sunshine and a holiday mood. Falstaff shows you the most beautiful and best parasols of the season.

More Food & Beautiful Things

Keeping your Cool: The Best Cooler Bags for Summer

Cool bags are a summer essential. Falstaff has rounded up the most stylish and best cool bags for the summer.


The Five Best Goat’s Cheeses in the World

Goat’s cheeses are made around the world and we love how versatile they are: use them in both sweet and savoury dishes.


The Five Best Heritage Tomatoes

Why only ever stick to the same, boring standard supermarket tomato? There is so much more flavour out there.


The Five Best Cured Hams in the World

The best cured ham is sweet and tender and, when thinly sliced, elevates a breadstick, a chunk of melon or a fresh fig to a feast.


Champagne Rare Millésime 2008 Launches

The newly launched Champagne Rare Millésime 2008 was hailed as 'infinite' by cellar master Régis Camus

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Falstaff Restaurant of the Week

Each week, Falstaff highlights a restaurant somewhere on this globe, reviewed by one of our professional eaters.


In Praise of Sauvignon Blanc – and Poodles

Sauvignon Blanc, an ancient and versatile grape variety, often finds itself the victim of vinous snobbery. One writer makes an apt comparison to...


Long Weekend in Lyon

Lyon is the capital of classic French cuisine - and most definitely worth a visit. Let Falstaff take you on a long weekend.


Long Weekend in Porto

Porto with its twin town Vila Nova de Gaia is a wonderful destination for lovers of the good life. Falstaff shows you what not to miss.


Long Weekend in Istanbul

A long weekend in the Turkish metropolis on the Bosporus: here is what not to miss in Istanbul


Generation X Travellers to Lead Tourism Recovery

The global travel industry pins it hopes on Generation X


Pop-Up Bar Dedicated to CBD-Based Cocktails Opens in London

CBD, or cannabidiol, is the effective but non-psychoactive ingredient of cannabis. There now is a London pop-up.


Restaurant Home Delivery Set to Stay

The pandemic changed many habits, according to a UK report, restaurant home delivery is one that is likely to stay.


Somm Challenge: Top Seven Wine Pairings for Cauliflower Steak

Cauliflower steak: We asked seven wine professionals for the perfect wine pairing for this recipe with a creamy artichoke sauce.

More Drinks & Beautiful Things

Coffee: Our Favourite Elixir

Coffee almost is a magic potion. But it is also big business. Here is a brief history of coffee and an exploration of the most important...

More Drinks & Beautiful Things

Spirits: The Best Quotes about Gin

Gin is cult – no wonder that it has figured in so many memorable songs, films and books. Falstaff presents the best quotes:


Dry Extract Interview: Natalie Christensen of Yealands, New Zealand

Dry Extract is Falstaff’s mini-interview feature. We ask top professionals from the world of wine, food and travel to answer thirteen deceptively...


Dry Extract Interview: Ludivine Griveau of Domaine des Hospices de Beaune, Burgundy, France

Dry Extract is Falstaff’s mini-interview feature. We ask top professionals in the world of wine, food and travel to answer thirteen deceptively simple...


Food and Wine: The Eternal Frisson

Falstaff’s man about town talks about a great love affair – that between food and wine.


Germany: the VDP’s Grosser Ring Sets Auction Date for November 2021

The VDP’s annual Grosser Ring auction is a key event for Riesling lovers. The new auction date was set for November.


Burgundy Music Festival to Resume in June

Burgundy's music festival at Clos du Vouegot returns In June


Somm Challenge: Top Five Wine Pairings for Spaghetti Bolognese

Spaghetti Bolognese is one of the absolute classics of Italian cuisine. We asked five top sommeliers for the perfect wine pairing.


Somm Challenge: Top Eight Wine Pairings for Beef Tartare

We asked eight top sommeliers which wines they recommend with beef tartare – and the expert tips vary greatly: From Spanish Rosé to Sparkling Sake to...


Somm Challenge: Top Eight Wine Pairings for Crown Roast of Lamb

So simple, yet always a show-stopper: we asked eight top sommeliers which wines they recommend to go with a crown roast of lamb.


Accor Opens Raffles Resort in Dubai

Hotel group Accor continues its expansion with the opening of its first Raffles Resport in Dubai.


Dry Extract Interview: Julie Cavil of Krug Champagne, France

Dry Extract is Falstaff’s mini-interview feature. We ask top professionals in the world of wine, food and travel to answer thirteen deceptively simple...


Dry Extract Interview: Oded Oren of Restaurant Oren, London, England

Dry Extract is Falstaff’s mini-interview feature. We ask top professionals in the world of wine, food and travel to answer thirteen deceptively simple...

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Wineries & Estates

Weingut Hannes Reeh


Hannes Reeh is an unconventional winemaker in Andau, Burgenland. He embodies a leisurely lifestyle, yet consequently strives towards his goals. He undertakes the winemaking duties personally. The estate is a reflection of Hannes Reeh himself – an interesting mixture of family tradition, New World experience, regional authenticity, unbridled belief in the future and strong Burgenland roots. He works with uninhibited intuition, doing exactly what he loves most and he is successful it. Andau is the wine village on the far eastern edge of the Seewinkel sub-region of Neusiedlersee bordering Hungary. The vines thrive with 2,400 hours of sunshine, wure in one of the sunniest and driest parts of Austria. The soils are predominantly gravel and yield wines of exceptional power, depth and ripeness. The wines appear in three different ranges. The “Klassik” range comprises varietal wines that offer uncomplicated, everyday drinking pleasure. “Heideboden” is represented by three charming blends in white, red and sweet that highlight the best attributes of the Seewinkel. “Unplugged” are the specialities of Hannes Reeh that are produced without much adornment, but with plenty of feeling. “Unplugged” is Andau pure – no fining, enzymes and no cultivated yeasts are used.

Weingut Stefan Zehetbauer

Schützen am Gebirge

The winery is managed by Stefan Zehetbauer in the tenth generation. It is located in Schützen am Gebirge, in the middle of the Leithaberg region. The vineyards are located on and around the Schützner Stein and are characterized by the slate and limestone-rich soils of the region. Stefan Zehetbauer's concern is to press wines with depth, a distinctive minerality and ageing potential. The vineyards have top priority for the winemaker, because that is where the foundation for quality is laid. Interventions in the cellar, on the other hand, are reduced to a minimum. Pure yeasts and enzymes are not used, fermentation is spontaneous, and the wines remain on the lees for a long time. The white reserves and all the red wines do not require fining. The terroir concept always comes first. The Leithaberg varieties Blaufränkisch, Pinot Blanc and Chardonnay make up the majority of the range. The top wines come from the Steinberg vineyard, which with its barren mica slate soil is one of the best sites in the region. However, the family has always thought outside the box. With their unique Cabernet Franc from Steinberg - with which the Zehetbauers pioneered in Austria at the end of the 1980s - they have now made a name for themselves.

Weingut Josef & Philipp Bründlmayer


Dedication and love for the craft are still the best prerequisites for quality. This is especially true when it comes to things that people should and want to enjoy – such as wine. Philipp Bründlmayer carries this dedication and love in his DNA – his wines are thus a thing of joy: expressive, pure, linear and of unmistakeable provenance. Tucked away in the village of Grundorf, the wines evolve and mature in stainless steel tanks and large wooden barrels. Grown on the mighty loess terraces of Gedersdorf and Rohrendorf, they are thus labelled with the regional appellation of Kremstal – a lovely area predestined for viticulture with exactly the kind of climate so essential for the character and aromatic development of wine. Apart from experience, craftsmanship and climate, soils are a decisive factor in the creation of great wine. In the Kremstal region, both loess and metamorphic and sedimentary conglomerates offer ideal conditions for the typically dry wines Austria is so appreciated for. Philipp und Josef Bründlmayer grow and make wine with an understanding of their soils and their craft, informed by tradition. The vineyard sites they farm are eminently suited to this endeavour: they are unruly, on rugged terrain, and demand manual rather than mechanised farming. They also are – if you allow them to be and treat them right – ideally suited to those grape varieties the region is known and loved for Philipp Bründlmayer allows his wines to express themselves and their origin without make-up – without frills or safety nets. Across 23 hectares/57 acres of vineyard, he and his team farm 90 different sites, all with their own climatic conditions. Not only does he bottle wines that are absolutely typical of their variety and style, they also bear his unmistakeable signature. Residual sugar never exceeds one gramme per litre – the wines are thus bone dry and exquisite ambassadors for their region – pure Kremstal.

Weingut Kurt und Beatrix Hummel


Step by step, Kurt and Beatrix Hummel have turned their small winery into a top operation. Small and fine - rarely does the play on words fit the wine as well as it does here: The family takes its time with each individual vine and ensures pure drinking pleasure, especially for Grüner Veltliner lovers. Now also with the new reserve line.  The 3 hectares of vineyards have now grown to 9 hectares. Large enough to make the winery a top operation, small enough to consistently carry on the family's tradition and recipe for success. The humus-rich loess soils around tranquil Niederschleinz, together with the Pannonian climate, offer perfect conditions for viticulture.   On about 70 percent of the cultivated area (the rest is shared by Pinot Blanc, Riesling, Chardonnay and Zweigelt), great Grüner Veltliners thrive, which Kurt Hummel bottles in five different stages of maturation. "From light, spicy and peppery to full-bodied and powerful - every Veltliner lover will find his style of wine with us!"  Kurt Hummel's flair for wine has probably been passed down in the family. Daughter Laura graduated from the HBLA for Viticulture and Pomology in Klosterneuburg - and has now already left her first mark on her parents' business. The new "BIG FLIGHT Reserve Line" is her creation. 


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